How to write a love story, of a lasting love in time, filling a life till its twilight, and never ending for whom who still beholds the past?
The writing of this love story does not begin upon the heroic deaths of Romeo and Juliet, it flows out of an old couple’s entire life, for whom love is that very whole fully accomplished life.

One’s DEATH haunts with solitude the life of the other. A solitude which the strength of the remembrances turns phantoms alive, not giving up on loving the remaining one, zealous guardian angels, invisible lovers whose kisses are made of wind.

The one who left is now invisible, though his soul blesses the one who stayed, inhabiting the breath of the one who loved him, waiting for the reencounter, knowing that life still goes on for the remaining one.

Solitude is a recurring theme in the plays of “teatro só.” However, the characters are not touched by despair, but rather by the reflection of gestures and the gratitude of memory. There is not a better word to define this work then “recordação,” which French origin “re-coeur” simply means re-heart, that is, letting it passed through the heart, again, one more time - TEATRO SÓ

3 artists on tour

Staging and dramaturgy: Sérgio Fernandes
Actor: Ana Gabriel, Sérgio Fernandes
staging: collective creation
Composition (music): Ferdinand Breil
musicians: Alexandre Barata, Merielou Jacquard, Pedro Rufino
Mask: Nuno Pino Custodio
Costumes: Ana Baleia
Scenario (bench): Luis Santos, Eddie Dorner
Technik: Spiros Paterakis
Video: André Rodrigues
Foto: Miguel Proença
Texto: Ivo do Carmo

Duration of the performance – 30 minutes
Public – ca. 300 people
Space for performance – ca. 8 x 8 metres (minimum)
The public may be sitting on benches

Power supply for laptop
2 PA with stereo Input (cinch or jack)
Soundcheck: Two hours before the piece.

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