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19. ViaThea Internationales Straßentheaterfestival Görlitz/Zgorzelec 2018

" Es war wundervoll. Berührend. Unterhaltsam. Leise. Magisch. Danke!"

Feta Festival 2018, Polen

" It was one of the most remembered moments among all those years of FETA. I cried like a baby. Thank you for this beautiful narration and picture."

" Hello! Thank you for the smile and tears of emotion 😍 "

" Thank you so much for a show and showing me how strong love is. I was crying from the first minute of your show. It was so emotional and intense. I love acting and love theatre. I was so lucky to see your show and sharing all emotions with both of you. You proved me that theatre is so important in our lives "

"Hello 🙂 I watched Your show in Gdańsk on Sunday and wanted to thank You once again for a beatiful and meaningful performance. You really touched our hearts. If You have a chance to come to Poland again in the future, please do! Thank You very much ❤"

"Your performance was extraordinary and unique! I saw it twice during this year FETA. It was very touching, I simply couldn't stop my tears. Thank you! I wish you all the best! "

Naumburger Strassentheatertage 2018

" War wirklich beeindruckend und dann noch so gut auf den Stelzen zu laufen "

Reuring Festival, Niederlande 2017

"...Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your performance at Reuring festival last Saturday. It really moved me. And I wasnt the only one. Lots of people had watery eyes. I saw people watching the show from the multi storey car park. People who weren't really intending to go and watch it but who were captivated by its magic. It really brought the city together...as in that we are all people, the process of growing older and loosing your loved ones...it's not easy. For no one. Thank you for bringing your show to Purmerend. The actors were amazing! ... THANK YOU "

Internationale Straßentheaterfestival in Holzminden 2017

" Ihr wart wieder Superklasse, es hat mich total berührt , habe es mir 2 mal angeschaut und jedesmal mit den Tränen gekämpft..... DANKE FÜR DIE TOLLE VORSTELLUNG "